6. Am I a good mother?

Dear mothers, how often do you ask yourself this question?
Do you feel guilty after having allocated some free time to yourself?
If the answer is YES, then probably you suffer from the conviction „I have to put my family first on every occasion, otherwise I am a bad mother“!
The consequence of this conviction is the mother who spends all her time running around after the family and has no time for herself. Anything she does for herself makes her feel guilty.
Does this ring a bell to you? If it does, then it is the right time to do something for yourself.
At first you can start with some enjoyable activities once or twice a week and let yourself pay your full attention to them.
If you feel resistance to this suggestion and have a lot of excuses for not doing it, let me remind you that the worst mother is a frustrated one, and we all get frustrated when we neglect our physiological and psychological needs.
If this does not make you tick to change your daily routine a bit in your favour, let me try with this question: What a role model do you offer to your daughter when she becomes a mother?

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