13. Look what you have done again!

“Shame on you”!

“Look what you have done again”!

“You are good for nothing”!

“You do not deserve to live”!

“You are worthless”!!!

These are the messages some parents send to their children when they do something which is not in accordance with their expectations or criteria.

How do children react to these messages?

At the time these messages become children`s negative convictions and when they grow up these convictions are the main triggers for feeling that they are not OK, that they should please others or that they should be perfect because if they are perfect nobody will see that they are not good enough.

Your projection is your reality!!!

Your negative convictions are not true, but they are your reality, created as a result of your parents` upbringing.

Every time when you find yourself in a stressful situation, your head is off, and your wounded child emerges to react to the situation in a way he/she learned to react in the childhood.


If you want to change your reactions, the first step is to become aware of your negative convictions, to empower your wounded child and to act and communicate as an adult.
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