19. What to do when team doesn’t accept a new manager from (South)East Europe?

This is a story about a team of software developers working on a project at a large tech company. The team was made up of people from different countries, with a diverse range of backgrounds & experience.

One day a company has pointed a new manager. His name was Lav & he was from Eastern Europe (EE). Despite his qualifications & experience, the members of the team were hesitant to accept him. They had heard NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES about people from EE & they were worried that he wouldn’t be able to manage the team effectively, let alone to fit in their corporate culture.

LAV noticed the tension immediately & he could see that the team was not welcoming towards him. It was clear that the team didn’t want him there.

HR manager, noticed the problem and decided to act. She has organized a team-building event that aimed to break the ice and build trust among the team members. During the event, HR facilitated a discussion about diversity & inclusion. The team members were encouraged to share their experience and perspectives.

The team came to realize that their prejudices & biases were preventing them from seeing Lav as an individual, & not as a representative of an entire region. They apologized for their behavior and started to work creating a more inclusive & welcoming environment for everyone.

Lets follow the steps that can be taken to create a more inclusive & welcoming environment for everyone.

  1. Identify the root cause of the problem & determine an appropriate solution.
  2. Encourage open & honest communication to build the trust.
  3. Introduce team-building activities that promote cross-cultural understanding.& brake barriers
  4. Provide diversity & inclusion training:
  5. Tell management to lead by example to actively work to create a more inclusive environment for everyone.
  6. Regular check-ins by keeping a close eye on the team dynamics.
  7. Give everyone a chance. It means allow the new manager to prove their worth and give them an opportunity to contribute to the company.

Team Coaching Drama can do ALL this!

Furthermore, Team Coaching Drama will help by:

  1. Use team dynamics and intrapersonal relations to identify what TRIGGERS such an UNAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR within the team.
  2. Use role-playing to simulate real-life scenarios. This will allow team members to experience the situation in a safe and controlled environment
  3. Encourage reflection & self-awareness. This can help team members to become more self-aware of their own biases and prejudices & to recognize how their behavior may be contributing to the problem.
  4. Understand their perspectives and anxiety so to help them navigate through the team’s feelings & emotions.
  5. Use active listening & empathy to understand the different perspectives and feelings of each team member.

This story is based on a real work situation.

We have just changed the industry & name.

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