21. What has a singl mother of three done wrong after she was fired?

On Linkedin a singl mother of three wrote:

“I am replaceable.. my role was eliminated 30 min ago.

She was fired with words: We don’t have the head count to support your role.

I’m not sure what I want to say or how I want to say it. But I am open to work and if posting that 30 min after your position was eliminated doesn’t show resilience than I don’t know what does.

Let me rephrase that, 👉 I DONT HAVE TIME TO FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF. 👈

This is our Coaching Drama suggestion for here, and all women that will suffer the same situation!

👉 I think you should think twice before going on with this strategy.

“I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself” is the first reaction for dissociation from the pain induced either by grief or anger.

The good thing is a solution-focused approach. (You are good for risk management situations).

Don’t feel, Act!

Be strong” driver is plus,

Hurry up” driver can be a serious distractor for long-term benefits.

The biggest disadvantage is the suppression of emotions, unawareness of how I am feeling about the current loss and what to do when the initial shock goes away and cortisol and adrenaline decrease. ❤️

When I was young

I never needed anyone

And making love was just for fun

Those days are gone

I never, never, never

Needed anyone

As it is a written in “All By Myself” song, discover your negative convictions from the childhood!

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