3. What do incompetent people have in common?

Have you ever worked with people who are not as good as they think and they happened to be your bosses?

How have you felt about it? What have you done to change it?

What is the key to their success?

After having been working in corporations for years, I have noticed that most of the incompetent people in leading positions have these traits in common:

  1. Enormous self-confidence
  2. Unawareness of personal limitations
  3. No empathy
  4. Associates who are more competent but less self-confident and assertive

As you can see the catch is in differing confidence from competence. Being confident does not mean necessarily that you are competent as well. Confidence makes a better first impression on others, but competence does work.

The best way to convince others that you are competent for something is first to become aware that you are the one who does the work. Your thoughts shape your behavior.

Let us have a look at the current political scene worldwide. There are a lot of incompetent politicians with BIG confidence, e.g. a psychologist responsible for the military issues, an economist in charge of construction issues… Unfortunately, there are plenty of negative examples.

How do they run their work?

They do activities confidently, with no empathy and no awareness of their own limits and with the army of more competent people than they are.

Their success is based on the rule “coin and head”. No matter what the side of the coin you get, you are a loser and they are winners. That CONFIDENCE speaks out from them!

What is a solution for you?

Boost your confidence so to be able to show your competence and stand up for yourself.

Positive attitude should go hand in hand with self-awareness and integrity.

It is your choice what you will think and how you will act. Think wisely and do not let less competent people lead you!!!

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