The learning process continues long after the training is over. We use  several tools to help our participants to acquire the needed knowledge. There is an explanation how we do it:  All our participants have unlimited access to our on-line assessment center. Please, click on video to see in details.
Peers learning. We all learn best when we have examples to follow, friends to share our successes with, colleagues to learn from. Peer to peer learning connects participants to one another and the trainers too so that they can discuss and share stories.
Refresher course. This course is simple and provides just a crisp and coherent summary of the key learning concepts. Sometimes we pair these refresher programs with problem-solving sessions where participants can help each other by recounting the challenges they have faced while trying to implement the learning and sharing stories of their success or troubleshooting tips.

All these aspects and much more, (which we keep for our meeting), increase motivation and facilitate a smooth transfer of the knowledge.

Please have a look at our referrals` comments on our work:

Igor Molnar Country Manager Serbia/Croatia/B&H, Timac Agro, Roullier Group

Work with Vladimir passed without the notion of time. Throughout the training he participated actively and fervently, wakening the dormant participants and taming the hyperactive ones so to make them work as one in finding various solutions and seeing things from different perspectives. That was unique experience, worth of repetition and references. The above –mentioned can be summarized in three words: sincere, powerful and impressive.


Dr. sc. Enes Sadović

Head of sales at Vienna osiguranje dd Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

During our long-lasting cooperation Vladimir has been assisting my employees and myself to realize that all solutions are within us. We just need to ”push” them to come to surface. SRMA and Vladimir can really assist us in that process.


Darko Babić

Country Manager / Managing director at KWS HR , Croatia

Thank You for Your feed-back after testing. My team and I regard such a professional attitude a highly motivating for further improvement. As regards online testing, I find it both user friendly and very useful for refreshing our knowledge, especially because we are aware that what has been learned gets forgotten fast if there is no follow up process. During the training sessions, apart from negotiation skills, life coaching also made great impression on me. On my opinion, life coaching is very important, especially I often face difficulties when it comes to increasing motivation among the members of my team. I firmly believe that after the exercises we have during the training, it will not be an issue anymore. I'm deeply obliged to You for that.