Our main advantage is that everyone still needs someone who can recommend a trustworthy business partner whom he/she knows from the physical world.

Since the previous decades we have been connecting people worldwide.
In Libya we have partners who are interested in importing Serbian bakers’ confections and sugar confections and cooking oil to Libya.
In Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia there are companies that are willing to sell their hotels or factories to foreign entities.
On the top of that we represent a Kerui Group  in Montenegro. They offer a wide range of products that can draw your attention for establishing some business ties.
Should you have any further questions or ideas for cooperation, please feel free to contact us.

Please have a look at our referrals` comments on our work:

Gjorgji Sekerov

Head of Corporate Sales Excellence Unit at Makedonski Telekom AD

It was really good pleasure working with Vladimir. I’ve attended managerial skills training whereas through effective team building group sessions the participants teach valuable insights, proven to work in a “real world” environment, strengthening their leadership skills. Vladimir’s approach is very motivational and enthusiastic, inspiring people to boost their managerial potential, strategic thinking and decision making capabilities. I can highly recommend Vladimir without hesitation as excellent HR expert, who really cares about his clients and their needs, willing to reach the best possible outcome.




Vladimir is a forthright and honest man. He has the ability to speak the truth and this is a quality that drew me to him in our discussions in India. it is easy to feel and know his vast experience in his field as he has travelled the world. He puts his point across sometimes in a play - like way which makes it very easy for his viewers to understand his teachings. He has the ability to communicate in humorous ways which makes his seminar interesting. I was so impressed to meet him-he is a encyclopedia of knowledge and is humble with all the experience he carries. There is so much i learnt when he imparted his seminar in India and in my discussions over coffee with Vladimir. I wish him all success with his endeavour.


Jelena Đurđevac Radojević


Vladimir`s communication, comments and suggestions are straightforward, specific and open-minded. His rich knowledge and experience along with good and practical real-life examples, proposals and ideas helped me have a wider picture and resolve some professional and private challenges.