What is Coaching Drama? 
Coaching Drama is an action method that comprises coaching and psychodrama techniques. Throughout coaching drama clients use spontaneous verbalization, role playing, self-presentation and coaching tools to explore and gain an insight into their lives.

The psychodrama techniques enable them to become aware of their CURRENT STATE, their most dominant emotion and its trigger. Only then, relieved of the overwhelming emotion and aware of its trigger, are they able to visualize their future and create the DESIRED STATE.

Finally, with the help of coaching questions, clients make an action plan with clearly defined action steps to achieve the set objective. Coaching Drama is the method that ensures participants to Speak like an Ambassador and Act like a CEO, as well as to regain the childhood spontaneity and creativity eventually.

You can find Coaching Drama short stories at Mediterranean Coaching Drama

Please have a look at our referrals` comments on our work:

Maria Anargyrou

General Manager at Coca Cola HBC Czech and Slovakia Prague, Czech Republic

Dragana is a great coach with the sensitivity and experience to support executives on their exploration journey. Drama coaching is very effective process that enables you really to understand the root cause of our behaviors and our beliefs and help you to reset those that they don’t serve you anymore. You need to enter with full heart and mind in this process and Dragana is creating a place of safety and trust for this to happen. Thank you a lot!


Dusan Kaljevic

General Manager, Board Member at OOO Filippo Berio RU, Moscow, Russia

For me, coaching is a mental gym that helps me improve my professional performance and my approach to life in a general sense. The choice of the coach is fundamental because a relationship of deep trust must be established. From this point of view, with Dragana we have been working steadily for months and she is continually challenging me with targeted and provocative questions and tools, in order to obtain the answers I seek. Dragana is an incredible coach, very sensitive to all the issues that are taken into consideration. Each session is a new revelation and the feeling of growth that occurs is confirmed in the following days by the people around us who see a change. I am very grateful for taking this path and thrilled to have included it in my monthly routine. Dragana’s passion and skills are unique and I am sure she will make a significant impact on all those people who are looking to become less victim and more game changer. Good luck!




There is nothing more meaningful than developing ourselves and continuously searching for our better version. And there is no faster way to improve than to find a right technique and have someone to work with us. Saying this I am referring to our inner development. Unfortunately, it is very common that our fears, experiences, bad habits hinder us to live the life we want, and we need to step beyond our current way of living, get rid of those things that make us struggle and embrace new once. After giving a chance to various techniques I found Coaching Drama on top of my list as a great one for self-discovery, for gaining clarity about our struggles, fears, obstacles, for seeing situations from different perspectives by putting ourselves in positions of people who influence our lives and for guiding us to create changes that will lead us towards progress. And Dragana P. Majstorović is simply the right person to lead you through such a journey, since she is calm, pleasant, very professional and knows exactly how to react and what to say at each moment. With her I felt secure in every meaning. Thank you Dragana!


bojana kaliČanin


Work with Dragana is a game and even more than the game itself. Some very simple premisses very often lead to significant conclusions which help one “sharpen” the picture. They really helped me. Thank you Dragana for it.


Alexander Kovalkov

Sales Director, OOO Filippo Berio RU

Before starting the sessions, I had more skepticism than belief in something effective and extremely useful. Dragana and her Coaching Drama made me take a fresh look at many aspects of life, and not only in business. This is a good shake-up that leads to progress. Sometimes you realize that you need to change something. You may not even always be aware of what is wrong, but you feel that you need changes, you need a fresh look at reality. Dragana with her skillful actions and experience finds this secret "update and upgrade" button. Thank you for this exciting and very interesting journey.




Coaching drama and work with Dragana completely changed my life. It's very helpful when you put yourself in someone's shoes, when you see and feel things from the other perspective. After coaching drama you will have more understanding for yourself and for others. After working with Dragana you will grow personally and professionally, you will be more fulfilled. That happened to me. Thank you Dragana.




Coaching Drama is the different type of learning I have ever experienced before. Working with Dragana is very exciting because like in the mirror you understand who you are. Sometimes it is not easy but the ultimate result, in my opinion, is marvelous. If someone would like to better understand themselves and their inner world, to achieve the goals and to change their behavior, Coaching Drama is the right method for them.



Ambassador (R) of Turkey

Ms. Dragana Petkovski is a talented, hard working, responsible person. I came to know her while I was the Ambassador of Turkey to the Republic of Serbia (2008-2010) and appreciated her deep knowledge of her country, her sincere attitude to assist people who needed her guidance and assistance on a wide range of issues. She is able to easily establish friendly and useful relations with people, is reliable and trustworthy. Her knowledge of English is excellent and I know that she is also fluent in Russian. I have realized that she is highly professional as a teacher and in vocational teaching and successful in her job which involves human relations with a wide range of different people. She has my full confidence as a person and as a professional.


biljana mitić slišković

West Balkans Trade Marketing Manager for Traditional Trade at PepsiCo

Timing is everything! My coaching experience with Dragana came at the right time in my career. We set our goals early on in the process and kept them in our sights as we engaged on the many issues that popped up along the way. Dragana timed the coaching perfectly to enable the complete success of those goals. I have walked away from our engagement with a treasure trove of actions that will drive my approach for a long time to come. Thanks, Dragana!