When members of the team learn how to effectively work together, their efforts may be magnified and the company can only benefit from it. Your people are your company! Learning to appreciate each team member as a whole person – and in turn, being appreciated by others – can lead to a greater sense of belonging and loyalty for everyone involved. Once people create a “circle of trust“, they feel more comfortable with each other. This is accomplished through time spent working together and open communication.
Our team building activities can also accelerate the creation of  team spirit. We provide from warm up games that make everyone relaxed and break down barriers to more serious problem solving activities. Guiding group members through intentional games can help them improve their communication skills with each other, which will be transferred to their work or projects later. A lot of our team building activities incorporate the skills such as active listening, questioning assumptions, delegating, giving and receiving clear feedback directions, defining priorities and learning “how to ask“ instead of “telling“.
All of these add together to help make a team stronger and company more productive. 
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Please have a look at our referrals` comments on our work:



Before I got in contact with Vlad and prior to all our sessions, there had always been “an” excuse for not being able to change or achieve something. The magical moment emerges when Vlad inspires you to leave your zone of comfort and put all your cards on the table. Learning how to walk on the edge and how to balance skills will definitely lead you to some new horizonts and new dreams of personal development.


Jadranka Jančić Babić dr. med.

S & M Manager & Trainer, Manager Merck, Zagreb, Croatia

I had a great pleasure to work with Vlad during our mutual trening. Vladimir is a very professional and competent mentor, trainer, teacher and motivator. He has an incredible ability to involve all participants into work and to share functional knowledge with them through an open, interactive and dynamic approach full of positive humor. It is immense pleasure to learn from people who are able to develop a strong sense of acceptance, understanding and sharing with their participants. Moreover, such people manage to inspire their participants to confront with new challenges and embrace new MOTIVATION. Thank you Vlad!


Sonja Stanković

GM Procurement Operations & Support & Capex Procurement, U. S. Steel Serbia doo

Words to describe Vladimir Majstorović coaching sessions were great, exerienced, handy stuff, inspiring, enthusiastic, motivational!... What was inspiring I asked mz self? The coach himself, people said, All were involved on hestic coaching sessions, everzbodzs opinion counted, different issues and interests were heared,. It seamed there were solution for everz situation, Opportunities were presented. Opportunitiessleeping sometimes within ourselves and waz to seiye them. The training kept everzbody alert and in high spirits for days and days after. We will return to Vladimir for more with everz opportunity, and stronglz recomend him for any American company!