Our core business and passion is to develop employees in the company like yours.

It gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction when you see people growing steadily with a thought on mind that you have taken part in their development.

If you want to improve your salesmen`s skills and/or your managers`skills, please come up with some specific situations and we will offer you the solution-focused and tailor-made training programs.

We have a solution to each situation they are going through at the moment. The secret is to choose a suitable methodology and approach which will inspire participants to come to their own solutions to each demanding situation.

Moreover, we offer our participants follow-up work which ensures 80% acquisition of trained skills and contents.In this way, the expected results are inevitable!

Please have a look at our referrals` comments on our work:

David Clutterbuck

Special ambassador European Mentoring and Coaching Council

I admire his professional, enthusiastic approach -- he has a great capacity to manage both the big picture and the detail simultaneously.


Josep Ros

Centre of Excellence Training Manager at DuPont, Spain

Working with Vladimir has been a real pleasure. Self-motivating, establishing great and relaxed ambience, keeping customer in mind and trying to understand and match their business and personal needs. Looking for innovative ways to arrive to participants to develop a positive attitude and good behaviour to take the best out of the training as Vladimir is always proud of getting results.


Miloš Komnenović

General manager - PSC Komnenović, Beograd

More than 10 years I have been aware of a profound impact Vlada`s training and coaching sessions have had on my employees` development! That is a reason why I have been very pleased when I have learned that Vladimir, as a trainer at General Motors Academy, will train my employees again.