1. When do managers become aggressive?

“My parents neglected my needs and wishes”- as a result nowadays I become frustrated (aggressive) easily when somebody forgets to do what I have asked.
Such a behavior detriments my relation and communication with others. I feel worthless!
“I was often criticized as a child” – as a result nowadays I cannot stand a negative feedback. I take it personally and feel hurt and rejected. I am not lovable!
“I was not allowed to do anything on my own” – as a result nowadays I have a lot of difficulties to make quick decisions. I am deadly afraid of making mistakes!
Our relations with our parents and other significant others define how we are going to behave when we grow up.
Every unwanted behavior can be changed by changing the beliefs and convictions formed in the childhood.
Do not be a bad copy of your parents.
Personal work is the best investment in your children!

Solution by Coaching Drama in 5 action steps

  1. Identification of the most dominant emotion (anger, fear, grief) that overwhelms the person here and now
  2. Analysis of the most dominant emotion, i.e. whether that emotion is authentic or cover-up
  3. Identification of the event that caused the emotion (via psychodrama tools)
  4. Breakout of the unwanted behavior (via psychodrama tools)
  5. Acquisition of a new, wanted, behavior (via coaching tools)

What we keep inside, feeds us!
Eliminate messages that feeds your brain detrimentally!!!
More about Coaching Drama you can find at www.CoachingDrama.com

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