4. When unpersonal becomes personal

A boss gets furious when an employee forgets to do something he/she finds important.
Common reaction
The boss is convinced that the employee does not respect him/her enough and that it is the main reason why the employee does not do the delegated tasks urgently.
Anatomy of this problem
The boss is not aware that the reason for his/her fury is not the employee`s behaviour, but his/her „wound“ from the childhood. Namely, people whose needs and wishes were neglected or not taken seriously by parents in the childhood, usually by mother, when they grow up overreact when somebody fails to do something they find significant.
Solution by Coaching Drama

  1. Identification of the most dominant emotion (anger, fear, grief, joy) that overwhelms the person here and now
  2. Analyzing whether the emotion is authentic or cover-up, i.e. whether the emotion is appropriate for the current situation
  3. Identification of the event that caused the emotion (via psychodrama tools) in order to raise awareness of the hot button for the unwanted reaction
  4. Breaking out of the unwanted behavior (via psychodrama tools)
  5. Acquiring a new, wanted, behavior (via coaching tools)

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