11. Useful exercise for raising your self-awareness.

From time to time it is desirable to test yourself and check whether you are more prone to focusing on positive or negative moments in your life, as well as to test if there is something that slows you down from attaining your goals.
To do so, I am giving you one very useful exercise for raising your self-awareness.

Take a moment to think about a time in your life when you felt particularly energetic and motivated. Choose an event that ended well. It could be an event when you were with someone, in a group, or by yourself.

Let yourself remember as many of the sensory details of that experience as you can: colors, sounds, feelings, images, smells, etc. As you bring up these sensory details, notice how you are affected. Notice what happens in your body if possible. For those who have difficulty sensing in the body, let yourself notice the overall impact of the memory.

Take your time with this exercise, and pay attention to any thoughts, judgments, or emotions that get in the way of sensing your intrinsic energy and motivation.

Don’t be surprised if an emotion, such as sadness, fear or anger, gets particularly strong and prevails over the feeling of happiness and profound motivation you have felt at the beginning of the exercise.

If that happens, it tells you that there is something that makes you slow down and be far away from getting what you want.

What if you could explore what prevents you from using your full energy and motivation to get what you want, would you give a try?

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