8. Voices

„You are stupid“, „You are not good enough“,  „You are unwanted“, „You must be silent“,

„You are not worth of love“, „You are worthless“, „You must not feel“, „You are not welcome“…

 „You are the best“, „You are a hero“, „You can do it“…

Inner voices are independent of our will. Depending on a message they send to us, they can be very supporting or very discouraging. When they support us, we can easily go beyond our limits, but when they discourage us we fail to use our own potential.

In both cases they significantly affect our memory, our thoughts, our moods and our behaviour.

Since it is enormously difficult to have a constant role of the loser, it is desirable to work on the discouraging voices and to disempower them.

We cannot easily get rid of our inner voices because they are profoundly rooted in our family background.

Therefore, the first step is to identify what triggers a hot button which activates the discouraging voices.

The activation of the discouraging voice is always followed by the presence of some strong emotion, be it fear, or grief or anger. We all react emotionally when the hot buttons are pressed and the discouraging voice appears.

When the voice is activated we cannot think rationally and hardly know how we feel truly. We speak and act according to the messages of the voice.

The most we can do is to become aware of how we are influenced by them and how they interfere with our way of thinking, speaking and doing. As long as we are unaware of our inner voices, we are prone to being overwhelmed or driven by them. When we understand them, they lose their power to affect us.

Please note that they will not disappear completely, but over time their power on us can weaken and we will become able to better use our intrinsic potential so to have a lifestyle we strive for.
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