5. I and YOU and my Defending Mechanisms

The childhood convictions related to personal value:
I am worthless!
I am not worth of love!
I am not good enough!
I am guilty of!
I am small!
I am stupid!
I am insignificant!
I cannot do anything well!
I must not feel…
The childhood convictions related to significant others:
I am a burden!
I am responsible for your mood!
I cannot trust you!
I must always be cautious!
I must take care of your feelings!
I am weaker than you!
I must look after you!
I am stronger than you…
The childhood convictions as defending mechanism:
I must be kind and decent!
I must not defend myself!
I must be perfect!
I must not have my own will!
I must adjust!
I must do everything!
I must be strong!
I must not show my weaknesses!
I must be the best!
I must meet your expectations!
Your childhood convictions are the main reason of the life problems you have!!! 
Get aware of them, work on changing them and you will become more satisfied with yourself!

What we keep inside, feeds us!
Eliminate messages that feeds your brain detrimentally!!!
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