16. Transformational tool

Coaching Drama is both a learning and transformational tool, which speaks to organizations in a language they understand.

Coaching Drama is an integrative and action-based method that comprises deep coaching, psychodrama and organizational transactional analysis tools.

Coaching Drama is first focused on intrapersonal relations and then on interpersonal relations because everything starts and finishes with our beliefs and convictions. 

We reflect into others!

That is a reason why the Coaching Drama main aim is to assist a Client to identify rooted beliefs and convictions dated from the childhood, adolescence and still present now and here.

If we know that our beliefs direct our choices, then we should also keep in mind that our choices change the functioning of our brain, which then impacts the way we see the world and interact with it.

In other words, we first create our beliefs and then our beliefs create us and our communication and behavior, i.e. our beliefs create our reality.

Organizational leaders believe that it is enough to provide employees with needed knowledge, tools and the right motivation, so to change and shape them in accordance with the job requirements. Practice has shown us that such an approach is not successful. Why?

This approach can function with machines. When they break out, we work out logically where the source of the problem is and replace the part.

However, if the “thing broken is someone`s communication style or behavior, learning about it and trying to repair it via either a corrective feedback or training sessions is not effective.

Our focus during personal work should be on WHY we communicate or behave in such a particular way.

When we identify WHY, the next step is to choose HOW we will disempower the cause and create a new more desirable communication style and behavior.

To sum up, if something does not function in a way we want, we should be aware that a change starts with changing our beliefs., which Coaching Drama will assist you to do.
More about Coaching Drama you can find at www.CoachingDrama.com

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