2. What we keep inside, feeds us!

An employee accepts all tasks due to the fear of saying „NO“ to the superior.
Common reaction
Superiors don’t see this behavior as a problem until the employee fails to achieve the goal. Then superiors undertake necessary measures such as: training, coaching, threatening or altogether.
Anatomy of this problem
The fear of abandonment is the usual trigger for such a yes-man behavior. It is formed in the early childhood when the child was not allowed to express his/her disagreement by his/her parents or significant others. Ever since then the child, now an adult, has been convinced that it is ok to suppress his/her own needs, wishes and opinions so to satisfy the other side and avoid being rejected.
Solution by Coaching Drama in 5 action steps

  1. Identification of the most dominant emotion (anger, fear, grief) that overwhelms the person here and now
  2. Analysis of the most dominant emotion, i.e. whether that emotion is authentic or cover-up
  3. Identification of the event that caused the emotion (via psychodrama tools)
  4. Breakout of the unwanted behavior (via psychodrama tools)
  5. Acquisition of a new, wanted, behavior (via coaching tools)

What we keep inside, feeds us!
Eliminate messages that feeds your brain detrimentally!!!
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